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Initial Stage
  Donga Enineering Corportionwas founded.
Planned and designed general structures of Gogsung city
Designed reclamation work of Kwangyang
Designed ground works of Youchon, Woongchon district

  Registration of evalulation of transportation conditions.
Registered as an active engineering subject
Registered as a construction design specially company.
Designed the construction of Yaejae Tnnnel.
Detailed design of road expansion and pavement of Tongdo Temple-Unyang Road.

  Organized a research laboratory annexed to the company.
Appointed planning and designing specialist.
Quality management system authenticated.
Detailed design of the construction of the construction of Palgum0-Amtaedo section.
Detailed design of Goksung wastewater disposal
Comperhensive supervision of Kwangyang Harbor.

  Subscribed Yeosu-Koheung mainland to island bridge to international prize award.
Detailed design of Umsumg-Chungju Expressway
Ground works of Namak City site.
Detailed design of the construction of Yangpyong-Yongchun Road.
Supervision of Munkyung city detour road.
Supervision of Jindong detour road construction

Future Expansion
  Detailed design of the improvement of Samhyang River.
General groundwork planning for Mokpo City.
Detailed design of the expansion of ?Naju-Donggang City.
Supervision of Byunggok-Pyonghae national ground works construction.
Detailed design of the construction of Umsung-Chungju Exoressway.
Supervision of Jindong detour road construction.